Quality Solutions for the Metalworking Industry​

Who we are

Estampaço is a young and dynamic company, with a commercial philosophy that guarantees quality, assistance, assurance and trust.

Our evolution over twenty years of existence is to exceed the expectations of our customers, meeting deadlines and presenting the best solutions for each project, always offering maximum transparency.

To make this commitment, we have a team of specialized technicians, who are equipped with suitable tools and equipment to respond to market demands.

What we do

Estampaço is a metalworking company in which the products developedhave applications in several fields, namely automotive, textile, surgical, cordage and others. Project development and production of high precision parts in various ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

We have great flexibility in terms of quantities, producing from small series to medium series, with a high response capability to the required needs.

In order to materialize our customersideas, we have CNC lathes, CNC electrical discharge machining (wire and spark erosion), conventional milling, surface and cylindrical grinding, turning, among others.